Our Mission

Forward Progression Development is a business development consultancy that is fully committed to assisting community-based organizations and businesses across the United States see their dreams realized and reach their full potential. We're there for those whose business dreams are halted by a difficulty in getting funding or by a lack of needed knowledge. We seek to guide entrepreneurs in developing themselves through program-based resources that focus on key tasks of business development like IT tasking, funding acquisition, marketing and even administrative training.

Our Focus

In line with our mission, we seek the empowerment of our clients through key business development guidance. We focus specifically on helping them achieve a dependable information technology infrastructure which allows them to be competitive in a highly technology-centric world. Through workshops, training, articles, and even hands-on guidance, we yearn for clients who can be confident, independent, and stable—the better to see their businesses flourish.

Our Clients

If you're an entrepreneur who is looking to start a business but are confused where and how to start, we want to help you. If you're an entrepreneur looking for a way to get stable funding and grow, you're who we're looking to reach. Our clients are those who want business development done right but simply don't know how. They're also those who are seeking a solid start to their businesses and want to leverage decades of expertise.


Our educational resources provide companies and even non-profits with key business development knowledge that enables smart starts, grant and funding preparation, and other key expert information needed to achieve growth and success.


Through proactive training, comprehensive workshops, and caring support, we mentor and guide businesses and organizations to allow them to achieve their full potential at their own pace. Every client is treated with great care.


Much good can be done when people come together for a common goal. Join us in building a strong, open, and supportive community of  like-minded entrepreneurs.